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STR8 Up did Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino use the N word in a press conference following the Golden Globes??  You betcha!  While the room stood still in shock, Tarantino continued rambling on his high horse.  Following his intentional gaffe, Don Cheadle took the mic, and instead of pimp slapping Quentin, he responded with, "Please no 'nigger questions'.  Black people questions are alright."   As you can see DC is no Katt Williams, who went on record threatening to whoop QT's ass on site for his abuse-ful, and unapologetic use of the N word without an N card.  What would Samuel L. Jackson think of all of this?  Well, during the movie's press junket he told a white reporter to use the N word in its intirety or else the interview was over.  The reporter bashfully refused, while SJ rattled happily like a snake, only he wasn't on a plane.  QT may have won best screenplay, but its clear when it comes to the N’ word, he doesn't need a script to use it!  Only in Hollywood - in the hood is another story.  Gos and Sip on dat!

Jenny Skinny (Posted 11/28/12)

STR8 Up songstress and current Jenny Craig spokesperson Jessica Simpson has just shed her last pound of the year if the rumors are true!  Wanna know why??  Well, according to a source Ms. Simpson is pregnant with baby number 2, with her unemployed boyfriend Eric Johnson.  That might be the happy news the Simpson family needed to combat all the drama that seems to follow the family in the relationship department.  Ever since JS's mother filed for divorce from her husband of over 33 years Joe Simpson last month, its been nothing but bad news.  With the news of divorce came the accusation that Papa JS was a closeted homosexual, bedding an up and coming model behind closed doors unbeknownst to his wife Tina.  They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - you know, JS was rumored to have cheated on her ex-hubby Nick Lachey, as well as her little rocker sister Ashlee Simpson on her ex Pete Wentz...  Whatever the case, we hope Jessica is happy, and tames the binge eating this time around.  It's much harder to shed the pounds after a second child, especially when your ex NL and his wife Vanessa Manillo have had no problems in that department or anywhere else since the birth of their little boy.  Worse case scenario, the two kids date.. What an awkward situation that'll be in 16 years.  Our parents used to be married!  A match made in washed up reality TV/Hollywood has-been heaven!  Gos and Sip on dat!

Bad Grammar (Posted 11/28/12)

First he takes his newborn to a Playboy bunny party at Hugh Hefner's mansion, now he's caught driving in an SUV at LAX without a carseat!  STR8 Up what is up with Kelsey Grammar.  His new wife Kayte may need some mothering lessons from Camille Grammar because the Britney Spears way is no bueno when it comes to the law.  You'll recall when BS was a new mama on the brink of a nervous breakdown after being married to a still rapping Kevin Federline, caught a lot of flack for driving with her son in the front seat of her car.  It didn't work for her, and certainly doesn't work for a man well into his 50s, who's been a dad at least 6 times over… KG may still hold a grudge with his ex Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star "housewife" but he should pay more attention to making sure the new baby doesn't get the backseat driver treatment.  To think he tried to strip CG of custody of their two kids, even attempting to separate the siblings by asking the court for full custody of their son, while she kept the daughter.  Huh?  Why would any parent agree to that?  And look what he does with a newborn.  If he'd had his son can you imagine.  The kid might've been sipping on hot chocolate at the Playboy mansion while the baby slept!  This guy's judgment leaves much to be desired.  Gos and Sip on dat!

Berry Good Brawl (Posted 11/28/12)

So Halle Berry can't escape the violent crazy train.  Thanksgiving weekend her ex Gabriel Aubry got a beat down in front of her home after dropping off their daughter Nahla.  The man behind the fists was none other than Olivier Martinez.  Halle's new beau.  The one she tried to move to Paris with.  STR8 Up, Halle has the worse taste in men.  If one isn't knocking the hearing out her ear, then another is cheating, and another is racist, and then another is beating down her baby daddy and cursing him in french.  Hate to see when their relationship is on the brink.  Which seems inevitable unfortunately because well… look at her track record.  Let's hope OM never hits her child, or HB, cuz he clearly doesn't hold back.  GA is all black and blue, and you know he can't stand black things, or people... How do we know that?  Well, Ms. Berry said so in court...  Smh... Gos and Sip on dat!

Hot Mess Housewives (Posted 11/28/12)

The Reality Roundup is under way!  Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak not only did not pay the rent, but apparently she's been outed for not paying her wedding planner Colin Cowie to the tune of $200,000!  Folks are saying Nene "I'm Very Rich Bitch" is writing checks, her you know what can't cash, because her Bentley was repossessed over the holiday weekend.  Uh oh.  Think Greg still wants a key??  AND, Teresa Guidice of another Real Housewives spinoff New Jersey is waiting for the holidays to past before she drops her husband Joe like a bad habit!  STR8 Up!  Just Gos and Sip on why none of this is surprising!  Hot messes for every area code brought to you by Bravo!

Colin’s Pow! (Posted 10/25/12)

STR8 Up, former Secretary of State Colin Powell has come out in support of our President Barack Obama.  CP said on CBS's "This Morning" that, "I voted for him in 2008, and I plan to stick with him in 2012."  This is a blow to the Republican party, as more of the base is jumping ship from endorsing Flip Flopping Mitt Romney.  Powell, still a Republican, says he has utmost respect for MR, but that's about it, since Mitt has yet to outline his financial plans for the country if he were president.  Powell went on record saying, "Obama walked into a horrendous economic situation and has begun to turn it around."  Despite Mitt's pleas of the contrary,  and blatant displays of dishonesty, Colin Powell knows the truth, and isn't afraid to admit it - The President is the right choice for this country.  After Monday night's final debate between President BO, and contender MR, even Romney admitted to agreeing with many of Obama's decisions, contradicting his previous statements of dismay.  One thing is for certain, folks need to vote!  Don't let this election slip through the cracks.  With Romney holding financial stakes in faulty voting polls in key swing state Ohio, this is an election that can make or break America's future.  So far those most vocally in support of Romney are his running mate, staff, and Republican extremist like Sarah Palin, and Rush Limbaugh.  That should let us all know what's really up.  Just the other day, SP accused the President of "shuckin' and jivin'" and had the nerve to defend herself.  Another Republican, Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock commented at his debate that rape was "just another part of God's plan."  If this is the Republican ideology, no thank you!  Gos and Sip on dat! 

Katt Out Of Lives? (Posted 10/21/12)

Comedian Katt Williams is no stranger to controversy.  A couple years ago KW was arrested for burglary, and holding a young man hostage.  Last year Katt went on a racist rant against Mexicans.  Unfortunately for Katt Williams he's caught again being anything but funny once again.  Tuesday, he was arrested yet again for wielding a gun in a parking lot outside a Hollywood nightclub.  STR8 Up, Williams pulled a gun on none other than Faizon Love.  What could cause the comedians to come to this?  FL says, it's all about money!  The money Katt owes Love.  To the tune of $50,000.  That's a lot of cheddar to be loaning.  There's an old saying, "Never Lend What You Can't Afford To Lose," and a new one should be "Never pull a gun on a guy that would loan you that kind of money in a public parking lot."  Perhaps it was a stickup, after all if Faizon's handing out that 50 Gs, maybe KW thought he could take his wallet without all the pretense this time.  He has been known to do the  most outlandish things for attention.  Maybe he though it was funny??  FL says the gun wasn't even loaded, and for the record he didn't call the cops.  It just might be time for KW to hang up the mic, and hit the psych ward?  Gos and Sip on dat!

Picky Nicki (Posted 10/03/12)

Nicki Minaj lost her cool at American Idol Auditions yesterday, and the footage has hit the web!  NM claims, before the hidden cameras started rolling, Mariah Carey kept berating her, bragging about her accomplishments, and called Nicki the B word.  STR8 Up, who knew Ms. Minaj was so sensitive.  Aren't her songs filled with expletives??  B word included.  Anyhoo, poor country crooner and new judge Keith Urban sat between the two divas while the mug was slung.  Randy Jackson told NM to stop acting like a thug.  Oh boy, the season just started and it doesn't look good.  How long before MC offers an ultimatum and walks?  How long before Nicki, "Knocks Mariah out?"  NM's words by the way.  She completely derailed the Charlotte auditions with her tirade.  How many blowups before the big guys give NM the axe or will they wait until somebody, either MC or NM slaps a B?!?  Gos and Sip on dat!

Scrappy Scraps Out (Posted 10/02/12)

STR8 Up Love and Hip Hop Atlanta castmate and rapper Lil Scrappy has just been arrested for violating his parole. What could he have done since his parole wasn't revoked for putting them paws on Stevie J?? The plot foolery thickens! Season two just got more ratchet... Put dem paws on dat!

Lohan Shows Hand (Posted 10/02/12)

Lindsay Lohan was looking for justice after the actress claimed she was attacked in her hotel room in NYC this weekend.  However, justice was not in her corner.  Even with all her "friends" to back her up, the story seemed ridiculous at best.  STR8 Up, her so-called attacker, Christian LaBella, took pictures and video of LL in her hotel during a night of partying.  She took notice, and then he supposedly started to attack her, with all her friends to see.  She ran out of the room, then ran back to the room, only to get more whoop ass action, before her friends pulled the guy off of her.  She walked away with a scratch on her back.  That is it?  After he "choked her" according to her "friends" all she had was a scratch on the back...   Really, another source is whispering, she was in a tizzy when it was discovered CL, a guy she met in a club and asked back to her room, was taking pictures.  Damaging pics and vids that are rumored to put her back in the rumor mill as a druggie and alcoholic.  As if LL doesn't have enough troubles her parents were recently on Dr. Phil to hash it out for the world to see.  Lindsay's mother, who's long been referred to as her enabler, came out looking high off of something foul.  Not a good look.  Prior to pressing charges of physical abuse by LaBella, who happens to work in politics, LL spoke up in defense of her mother, labeling Dr. P a con-artist and meanie.  Sorry to say, nobody's listening to Lohan, because not only did the Dr. not return her tweet, prosecutors dropped her case against her alleged attacker.  Is Lindsay a victim who never gets justice or does her record of being a lying, thieving, drugging, convicted felon precede her?  Gos and Sip on dat!

Hit The Road Jackson (Posted 08/31/12)

STR8 Up Randy Jackson has said 'Peace Out' to the judge's table on American Idol.  Instead RJ will serve as a mentor for the newest contestants.  Nicki Minaj is only moments from officially signing on the dotted line, and then there's Mariah Carey who already has.  In the words of Youtube sensation Sweet Brown, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"  Looks like AI is two feet in the grave.  Don't nobody wanna see NM or MC bicker.  Or maybe they do... Hmm...  Ratings gold?  Gos and Sip on dat!

Gabby Hazed (Straight-Up Commentary) (Posted 08/29/12)

When gymnast Gabby Douglass was introduced to the world during the 2012 Olympics, she not only won the gold in both the Individual and Team All-Around comps, but she became the first African American gymnast in Olympic history to do so during the same Olympics.  She made history, and was an instant celebrity, getting an endorsement deal with Wheaties.  But in the midst of all the good, came the scandalous.  Supposedly, there were tweets, and articles that slammed the 16 year old athlete for not having her hair properly coifed.  Following that presumed faux pas, GD's family was exposed on TMZ for their financial troubles, her mother having filed for bankruptcy prior to Gabby's triumphant wins.  To be fair, Olympic gold winning swimmer Ryan Lochte's family were revealed to be facing foreclosure on gossip zines as well.  Then there was rumor of a strained relationship with her father.  But, despite it all, Gabby smiled for the cameras, and decided to take the bull by the horn and answer some questions on Oprah's Next Chapter.  There she told her truth.  That she couldn't care less about talk surrounding her hair, though she made sure to tweet about seeing A-list hairdresser Ted Gibson for a magazine photo-shoot.  Bowing to the pressure of the vapid few claiming African Americans were up in a frenzy over someone else's hair choices, there were still those who criticized her new hairdo because of its cost, a whopping $950.  Clearly there's a critic for everything.  The scrutiny didn't end there.  So Gabby opened up, set the record straight.  She left her family in Virginia to train in Iowa.  She hadn't seen her father for nearly two years.  But, perpetually attacked GD was all too truthful, because STR8 Up, she admitted to experiencing racism during her formative years of training in VA.  Immediately there was contention.  The gym she trained at Excalibur's sent trainer Randy Stageburg, and some parents to refute her claims on her experience.  They went on record to say that GD "was never a victim."  She was just making it up.  They'd never heard a complaint from her, so of course it didn't happen.  How dare she tell her life's experience and assert that she felt ostracized by her teammates at Excaliber's.  After all she'd slept over their houses, partnered during training.  They loved Gabby like a sister.  GD spoke with Oprah about trying to assimilate to the environment, which was tinged with racism.  She was once referred to as "our slave" by her team members.  It got so bad, she almost quit the sport of gymnastics all together.  Now as an African American, who's been in the minority in social situations a number of times in my life, I'm no stranger to covert or hidden racism.  Perhaps Gabby's teammates didn't mean to offend, or even realize how it made her feel to be referred to as a slave.  Why can't black people take a joke without being so sensitive some might wonder.  I encountered similar situations, while my seven year old sons were the only black members on their football team, with kids they'd known since Kindergarten.  I watched as the coaches accused the only all black team in the league of cheating, even though the other team was clearly more proficient in the game of football than them.  I watched my sons' so called friends laugh at them, and tell them to sit on the other side of the bench, where people like them belonged after leaving the field.  Once, a "friend" told one of them "you all" look like monkeys.  A second grade teacher told one son that he couldn't color his pilgrim brown because all the pilgrims were white.  Was the intent racist?  It certainly wasn't sensitive, or inclusive, and what made it worse was that these people were all too unaware of how their words, and actions didn't promote acceptance.  After one too many incidences, we pulled our boys from the district.  While parents told me their kids loved my sons like brothers, when no one was looking they treated them like outcasts.  Perhaps they loved them so because they were punching bags, and being in the minority, didn't know how to hit back.  So is it believable that Gabby experience is probable?  Absolutely.  However desperate the folks over at Excalibur are to prove their race happy environment, they cannot attest to her experience as a minority literally, or figuratively.  While Excalibur's CEO, is quick to call her remarks, "Hurtful and without merit," and add that, "We've had more African Americans in the elite and on the national team than any other gym in the country" is that sufficient evidence to discount her experience?  On the flip side, the CEO also asserts, "We were never knowingly involved in any type of bullying or racist treatment."  That's it in a nutshell.  Knowingly, is the key word.  Just like my son's teacher claimed in the principals office the next morning that she didn't knowingly mean to isolate her only black student for the sake of a grade-wide coloring assignment.  Hidden racism is not overt, but that does not mean it does not exist.  Isolation, snide remarks is not quite the same as calling someone the N word, but that'd be too obvious.  Wouldn't it?  Gos and Sip on dat! 

Lindsay Low Hands (Posted 08/29/12)

An eventful week for Lindsay Lohan.  She was accused of theft in a jewelry heist worth $100,000.  But lucky for her, the DA's office rejected the case after the rich friend who accused her, Sam Magid withdrew his charge against LL.  But the nonsense doesn't stop there, because now LL has officially been banned from the infamous hotel Chateau Marmont.  She owes them over 46,000 bucks for rooming, candles, restaurant meals, minibar tabs, cigarettes, room service, etc, etc.  They requested Lohan pony up on the money owed after staying there 47 days between June and July, but she's too good for that.  Maybe she'll do them like she did that tanning bill.  You know, never pay it.  She still owes them $40,000.  Hopefully she never stiffs her lawyer, because at the rate she's going she's always gonna need one.  STR8 Up, looks like LL is back to her old tricks.  The same kind that landed her in the slammer.  She's being investigated by the cops for lying to law enforcement after a fender bender while she was shooting a movie in June.  If she was behind the wheel, which she claimed she was not, she faces a year in jail for the lie.  Send that girl back to Long Island!  Maybe she's all up in arms because her deadbeat, drama loving father Michael Lohan is expecting a baby with Celebrity Rehab alum Kate Major, but that's no excuse.  She needs to put on her big girl panties.  She looks a wreck, you'd think she was 40 not 26.  It's either back to New York, or Rehab, or County Jail for this falling star.  Will this woman ever get her life back on track for good?  You know how Hollywood treats their aging beauties…  And she's no Meryl Streep, that's for sure.  Gos and Sip on dat!

Three The Hard Way (Posted 08/21/12)

Emotions are running high behind the scenes of American Idol.  Since Mariah Carey was tapped to replace Jennifer Lopez on the Fox hit, there's been a snag in the road.  Rapper Nicki Minaj has been rumored to be the top contender for the third judge's seat and MC is not feeling it.  STR8 UP, NM is 29 years old, and makes MC feel like old potatoes at 42 years young.  The flip other side of this is purely racial, as producers are worried that along with Randy Jackson in the mix, that makes 3 black judges, and the whisperings are saying that this might alienate middle America.  Really NM is too new to be a judge for upcoming artist.  Rather than color being the factor, let's be real, this is a singing competition!  Up in the running to be a fourth judge, is Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Enrique Iglesias.  It was also rumored that P Diddy was a possible judge, but he made it clear he was going to get paid big time if he joined the cast.  Still uncertain, is whether RJ is even interested in returning to show that made him a household name.  MC is busy worrying about the small stuff.  Instead of vying to be the only woman on the panel, she should be wondering if this show is even hot enough to attach her celebrity to.  The ratings have declined in the last couple seasons.  The talent is less than memorable.  I guess it has been good for its judges.  JL and Steven Tyler were able to bounce back after doing their stint.  Mariah is married to America's Got Talent's host Nick Cannon, so she could use some relevance points.  Jenny Craig was cool, but MC is not the diva she used to be.  Do you really think the show has got what takes to make it another year?  Ryan Seacrest can't be the hottest name on the show mentoring up and coming artists.  And furthermore does anyone even care about the most recent winner of the show?  Gos and Sip on dat!

Straight-Up Commentary (Posted 08/09/12)

Why, why, WHY is Kim Kardashian claiming to be honored by Kanye West's newest song, "Perfect Bitch" in which he references KK as a, you guessed it… perfect "bitch"?  Being an avid admirer of the male species that she is, maybe she really thinks that's a compliment!  When her awkward soon to be ex-husband, Kris Humphries manhandled her, and was rude to her family, she noted that as KH's charm…  an acquired taste… he has a good heart.  When Ray J sold her golden "showered" ass to porn hubs, she was petrified, but was still rumored to have secret rendezvous with RJ despite the blatant disrespect he had for her.  Its come to our attention that Ms. KK has self-esteem issues.  All the natural beauty, all the beauty enhancements, all the magazines, all the positive publicity in the world can't mask the effects of that kind of blemish on a woman's self worth.  But, taking a look at the big picture, leads us to believe that STR8 Up, most of these divas have a strong case of ugly girl syndrome.  The bitch complex is real.  We hear our forlorn girls on Love and Hip Hop talking about being the bottom bitch, but let some stray "bitch" title be thrown their way by someone other than their men, and its on like popcorn, and them paws are being thrown around.  But, that's hip hop right?  The culture is backwards.  What's good is bad, and what's bad is good.  Nobody thinks Rihanna should get back with Chris Brown, but everyone is waiting for Rhi to get back with CB.  Twisted, I know...  After all, she's a bad bitch… so bad she was beaten to a pulp by her man and later reunited with him for the sake of hip hop and R&B music.  But, she's not the only chick willing to hold it down while her psyche falls deeper into despair.  Baby mamas can be bitches, angry chicks can be bitches, hood-rats can be bitches, hoes can be bitches, and yes, even celebrities can be bitches for their man.  KW looks up to Jay Z as a mentor and was following in his footsteps.  Actually, the footsteps of The Notorious B.I.G, when he wrote, "Me and My Bitch".  And we all know how much Jay idolizes Biggie.  So, JZ takes it upon himself to refer to his wife Beyonce as a bitch in true hip hop fashion.  It's true.  This multi-platinum phenom, who FLOTUS Michelle Obama said she would trade places with if she could pick anyone in the world is referred to as a "bitch" on their "Watch The Throne" album.  The song is entitled, "That's my bitch".  In the song her doting husband mentions B's tits, her fly clothes, her allowing him to "keep my own money if we ever did split up," and that she belongs in museums.  One out of four ain't bad.  Objectification at its lamest.  "I wrote this song Perfect Bitch about Kim" is what Kanye West tweeted regarding his ode to the Kardashian sister.  Nothing says respect and adoration like calling your woman a bitch.  Wonder what his mother the late Donda West would think.  The sad part is these women lap it up like only a bitch could.  How could this sentiment of calling women bitches still be cool?  Bitch is now a term of endearment???  Ok, fine, let's roll with it.  Who doesn't want to be a dog?  A loyal companion, a possession with teets to feed the chil'ren.  Bitches are down for their man.  Bitches are tough as nails.  They take a lick and keep on ticking.  Please spare me that kind of love.  If successful women are ok with being labeled bitches publicly by their men, what stops impressionable girls from allowing men that look up to fools like these, from accepting that kind of treatment for themselves.  What stops them from becoming victims of domestic, verbal, physical, or mental abuse in their relationships?  What stops their mantra from becoming, "He called me bitch, and all I got was this lousy STD."  Seriously, it's getting out of hand.  Men should acknowledge their women's intelligence, and independence as her strength.  Label her queen, place her on high, rap about that.  Rappers like Jay Z and Kanye West, and their compulsion to accentuate their braggadocios persona must learn to show adoration of their women using healthy trigger words.  Open a dictionary wordsmiths J and K.  There are plenty of great synonyms for love, woman, and the like.  Women are not objects and they are not dogs.  Objectification is not love, it is detrimental.  The word bitch is not slang for real woman.  It is not a compliment.  It means exactly what it means.  Using the “ N” word, or Bitch is not what hip hop needs more of.  Let's rise above the insults, and stereotypes.  The vernacular has no place on the world stage anymore.  There are long suffering communities dealing with the impact these words hold on esteem, socio-economies, and the future of young minds.  Change the world and stop perpetuating the same 'ol same old.  For the record, truth be told, their women better learn their worth is more than platinum records and a chauvinistic image.  Maybe they'll wake up when their daughters sip on the same tea, and their self-esteem is run through the bitches brew.  Maybe then they'll realize that THAT jargon is not acceptable!  No wonder Beyonce thinks Mrs. Obama is the perfect role model for her daughter, since clearly B has a major faux pas to correct in her own relationship.  One thing's for certain, we know there's no way in hell, President Barack Obama would ever call his wife and partner MO that word.  He respects her for the great WOMAN she is, and you better believe she respects herself too much to be called that by anyone including her own man...  Gos and Sip on dat!

Butt Minaj-ury
(Posted 07/30/12)

Recently, a number of articles have been popping up all over the web exposing the dangers of butt injections and implants.  This is a serious health dilemma.  With stars like Nicki Minaj puckering up their bottoms to alarming proportions, regular folk seeking a lift are putting their lives in jeopardy to get the look.  A number of women have lost their lives, and even their limbs after botched butt implants caused bacterial infections.  Last fall, a so-called doctor was found guilty of injecting cement into their unsuspecting patients.  STR8 Up, when are people gonna understand, plastic surgery is no joke!  You are putting your life at risk.  Don't be a statistic simply for vanity's sake.  And furthermore real doctors don't operate out of hotel rooms!  Pictures hitting the web this weekend show rapper NM with a less than attractive rump.  It would appear the injections are settling in a rather unfortunate manner.  Now we know Nicki's got the money to pay for the top docs to fix it, but even she needs to lay off the plumping.  Losing your arms, legs, and possibly your life for a big butt, is not what Sir Mix A Lot had in mind when he wrote "Baby Got Back" in the 90s.  If you got it flaunt, but if not, do some butt crunches or rock a butt pad!  The contradictions on what makes someone beautiful is beyond ridiculous.  First rail thin is the fad, then shapely, now cartoonishly fat asses?!?  And quite frankly, let's be real, like everything cosmetic, butt implants are the rage now, but in a few years - akin to extreme boob jobs, lip reduction surgery, and permanent makeup, etc. it will be out like yesterday's news, and all these implant junkies will be left with is unwanted drooping, cellulite unnaturally accentuated by silicone, or whatever other random product some fool decides is hot.  Is it really worth permanent disfiguration, or worse .. death ...  NM needs to take a look at what all the plastic surgery did for her predecessor Lil Kim.  Be real Nicki, did LK come out the victor or the joker???  Cause nobody's really checking for rhymes when a face and body looking like that overshadows true talent...  Gos and Sip on dat!

Spear Us The Drama (Posted 07/24/12)

Mixing business with pleasure is always a gamble.  Especially when you're in a high profile relationship with a pop-star who needs to be monitored 24/7.  Since joining the judging table on Simon Cowell's American Idol inspired singing competition The X Factor, Britney Spears's relationship with her fiancé Jason Trawick has become rocky and strained.  A few months back in an effort to loosen the ties her father Jamie Spears had over BS's life and purse strings, JT took the lead in a court approved move becoming co-conservator of Spears.  STR8 Up, Jason was originally Britney's manager at William Morris Endeavor, but left WME in May 2011 to focus on Spears, and their eventual nuptials.  Now with the X Factor gig in full swing, BS is becoming more than JT can handle according to sources on set.  He didn't sign up for babysitting, and BS is over being told what to do.  Word is she is not feeling her own fiancé scolding her despite her supposed erratic behavior on set.  Just when you thought Britney had moved beyond the insanity from a few years ago with the Kevin Federline marriage/shaving her head/72 hour hold business.  Mental illness is a real thing.  Hopefully, JT really loves BS and is not in it for the long haul simply as a means to cash in.  Gos and Sip on dat!

Chris Co (Posted 07/20/12)

Since releasing his newest album Fortune, many blogs have noticed Chris Brown's boo thang, Karrueche Tran has not been seen on the singer's arm in a minute.  STR8 Up, the rumblings that the girl couldn't keep up with CB's ex Rihanna, have been semi-confirmed in the twitterverse!  Apparently, Brown has deleted all twit pics and instagram pics of KT.  Folks say it's because CB got wind that Tran was trying to spark up a working relationship with his current nemesis Young Money rapper Drake.  That's low, if true.  But, dirtier thangs have happened... Just a couple weeks ago Tran took to twitter to tweet her "date" nights with another ex of Brown's; Basketball Wives of LA cast mate Draya Michele.  CB was seen in a few of the pics laughing it up with the two girls in what appeared to be a threesome arrangement... Who knows, perhaps it wasn't Drake that caused the riff, but KT's need to keep the fire hot by any means necessary with the R&B star.  Nothing is off limits when you want to remain a kept jumpoff/groupie/girlfriend (not saying she's any of those things ahem..), including dabbling in double dating exes, getting tattoos of Chris's artwork on her arm and hand under the twitter caption "Maybe I'm crazy", or making slick comments about CB's much more famous ex Rihanna.  Atleast he didn't beat her... right?   Gos and Sip on dat!

Nene Throws Blow, Again? (Posted 07/12/12)

We thought Nene Leakes was on a money making roll, but it appears those check may come to a complete stop!  Word is that while on the annual Housewives of Atlanta cast vacation a day or so ago, NL and Kandi Burress got into a heated altercation with the crew on their show.  STR8 Up, Nene did the unthinkable says a source... She laid hands on a crew member, and is facing expulsion from the show.  Way to deal with the pressure of fame NL.  We hope KB didn't do the same... and to be honest we doubt she would've, since she didn't put Sheree Whitfield, or Kim Zolciak in their places when that whole black baby holding incident, not to mention the no royalties for Tardy for Party went down.  Is it true NL has lost her ever-loving mind letting fame get to her head???  Or did the crew member bring up her son Bryson Bryant's arrest???  Gos and Sip on dat!

Nene No No! (Posted 07/11/12)

While Real Housewives of Atlanta, Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice,  "I'm rich bitch" diva Nene Leakes was busy making a name for her self in Hollywood this year, getting nose jobs, and making that papa - her eldest son Bryson Bryant has been just as busy growing a rap sheet for himself!  STR8 Up, we saw the issue of his law breaking ways tackled last season on the RHWA, with BB being lambasted by NL and her ex-husband Greg Leakes.  We hoped dude would get a clue, and realize he's not about that life - especially after stealing razor blades at the Walmart, when his mama is rich enough to at least buy him one, but alas he didn't.  It appears, Bryson has been arrested twice in less than 30 days!  First on June 25th for driving with a suspended license, and then on July 4th he again lost his independence AND was booked on a probation violation.  Wow, he's really a fool.  BB was rumored to be expecting a baby with his girlfriend, and now this!  He grew up without his biological dad in the picture, let's hope his offspring don't have to do the same!  And we're guessing neither Nene or GL are gonna foot the $700 to bail him out again.  She said she was through in season 4...  Obviously her son is dealing with demons, that pep talks, and ultimatums aren't able to fight.  I'm sure we'll see it all unfold on season 5, along with a possible romantic rekindling between NL and GL... They have been getting quite cosy since they supposed split last year.  Word is their divorce was for show, and to save NL's growing finances from the wrath of Greg's debt... Gos and Sip on dat!

Fantasia Breakdown? (Posted 07/11/12)

STR8 Up, Fantasia Barrino is NOT pregnant with baby daddy Antwaun Cook's child again.  Even though she posted a picture on Twitter of her bracing her belly, it was all for show.  Instead, word is FB's married boyfriend is back to his dirty dog ways, dating another reality star while claiming to be with Fantasia, and sometimes his actual wife Paula Cook!  Apparently, FB broke down on stage in Trinidad in the name of God according to her.  But, pics have surfaced online of AC cuddled up with Bad Girls Club star Kendra in Miami.  Fantasia should've known he was no good!  Dude, is still married AND not to FB!!!!!  Clearly the BGC chick is trying to get some hits on google, cause I never heard of the girl before this all went down.  As for Cook... he must be a helluva feast in the bed, cause he can't be making much money working at Sprint Store...  Gos and Sip on dat! 

No Moore (Posted 07/10/12)

Actress Demi Moore has had a tough year.  STR8 Up, the mother of Bruce Willis's kids, Rumor, Scout, and Tallulah has been staying low pro, and hasn't been seen in public with her daughters for months, after a recent stint in rehab for substance abuse believed to be whip its, and pills.  The toll of the breakup from her much younger husband, Ashton Kutcher, left the rail thin DM, trying to reclaim her youth in the most dangerous ways - with folks alleging her diet consisted of Red Bulls, and partying with her teenaged daughters.  Welp, it seems she can't get a break, and is suffering extreme depression since her daughters RW, SW, and TW cut her off.  The thing that hurts the most is they're still close to AK, but are refusing to take their mother's phone calls.  What went wrong?  Folks say the girls are tired of the drama!  Though the girls have had their share of drama, Tallulah was recently exposed in a topless photo scandal last week, Scout has been busted for underage drinking, and the eldest Rumor had a run in with the law while partying in the midst of Mary Jane back in 07.  Supposedly, they are sick of Demi acting like a kid who can't cope!  Such a sad thing when families fracture.. While BW is off having new babies with his newest wife Emma Heming, and AK has moved on with his Two and Half Men show, and rumored romance with That 70's Show co-star Mila Kunis, DM is all alone.  Apparently, Demi is no stranger to mama issues, as it's rumored she cut her own mother off back in the day due to alcohol dependency - including all contact, and all financial help... Is this Karma???  Will her daughters do her that cold???  Gos and Sip on dat! 

Humphries Dumpy Again (Posted 07/06/12)

It's official!  Kris Humphries is the biggest loser when it comes to common sense!  He'll be joining the ranks of other not so smart NBA players who've impregnated their jumpoffs, and not their wives.  This week, word has dropped that KH is expecting a baby with the woman he claimed was trying to extort him, while being a high priced escort, Myla Sinanaj.  MS says the baby is his, and she's three months along.  STR8 Up, Humphries had to find out this life changing info via TMZ, and we're sure Kim Kardashian's lawyers also got the google alert!  Does that dude even seem remotely ready to play house and carriage???  We think not!  And another reality lackey with baby mama drama is Basketball Wives ex-castmate Jennifer Williams' ex-husband/ex-NBA baller Eric Williams.  EW is being sued for child support for a baby made during his infamous marriage to JW.  The baby was born in 2011!!!  2011!!!  JW and EW were on the rocks, but who knew it was that bad!  That makes a rumored two babies for Eric outside of their marriage, during their marriage!  And the kicker is, Jennifer found out just like Kim K. via google alert.  Wow, these NBA players need to get a refresher on the importance of a condom, and getting their wives, and only their wives pregnant during a marriage.  Remember, KH is still married to KK.  They say God watches over fools and babies, so it's seems more apparent than ever that these dudes are just douchebags... Gos and Sip on dat! 

Last Girl on Earth To Know About The Money (Posted 07/06/12)

Rihanna has been rumored to have been facing financial problems for the last few years.  First she was advised to buy a 6.9 million dollar house that turned into a money pit, then rumor was she was at war with a manager who was scheming money from R's deals.  After all the drama, it's all coming to a head, because now Rih is suing her tax accountants!  She says their negligence has cost her millions of her hard earned money!  STR8 Up, her accounting firm was charging her excessive commissions that "surpassed her own income."  She only got six percent of the profits from her Last Girl on Earth tour, while they took in 23%.  WTF?!?  No wonder Rih was always coming down with exhaustion while on tour!  She was probably sick of being broker than her background dancers.  Now she's facing back tax issues, and it would appear she doesn't have the money to pay.  As we can see with Lauryn Hill, who pled guilty to tax evasion and could be facing three years in jail, the IRS is no joke!  It's a sad thing when so-called business managers take advantage of their client's ignorance.  Rih was only 16 when she signed with them.  Question is, who recommended them?  Certainly Jay Z could have steered the pop star (signed to his label) in the right direction not only on matters of the hit song, but with making a fortune into an empire.  Maybe she refused to listen to her mentor, much like she did during that whole Chris Brown post beatdown collabo???  Gos and Sip on dat!

Ass J (Posted 07/03/12)

This season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is scandalous!  If you think it's low now, just wait til they air the rest of the season.  From a physical fight between ATL rapper Scrappy and accused con Artist/Music Producer Stevie J, to a rumored on-air abortion by SJ's ex-stripper/mistress Joseline Hernandez, viewers will be sitting on the edge of their seats every week.  But, as over the top as all of this sounds, these folks are just as tacky and ridiculous when the cameras aren't rolling!  STR8 Up, word is that SJ is a broke, alcoholic, who has been known to lay hands on women, including his baby mama Mimi, who cleans houses for celebrity clientele in Atlanta.  SJ and his roving eyes once was engaged to rapper Eve, and is said to be the rat behind the release of her girl on girl sex tape that leaked in the early 2000s.  He also was engaged to The View Co-Host Whoopi Goldberg's daughter in 2007, all while being in a 13 year relationship with Love and Hip Hop ATL's Mimi.  No wonder she allows the whole debacle with JH to go on!  She may be in on it his schemes!  We saw in the first episode that her main concern was not checking her man for cheating, but instead securing her 20% on all his projects, including those of his jumpoffs?!?.  Sounds like pimping may be easy for M.  But, last night, a new bout of drama hit the fan live in ATL, as the viewing party in downtown Atlanta of the third episode took a violent turn.  Joseline was in attendance, when a fan confronted her about why she had an abortion!  Folks are saying JH threw the first punch, and it was on after that!  The cops were called, and eventually Stevie J. and producer Benzino came to break up the fight, but well after JH got a beat down.  Worse part was the fight took place down the block from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s final resting place.  How low will they go???  Apparently as low as it takes to stay relevant!  And here's the kicker, SJ supposedly has yet to receive a dime from the show, with his rumored 10 kids collecting his checks for back child support.  If that's the case, we are doomed to see more buffoonery than Basketball Wives, Hollywood Exes, and the original Love and Hip Hop combined cause it's clear it's all about the dollar with all these reality TV clowns...  But, who's really the fool?  Them, or Us for continuing to watch this garbage, and other shows like it...  Gos and Sip on dat!

Matt The Knife (Posted 06/30/12)

So, a day after letting Ann Curry go to the waste side, in the most dramatic way ever, producers over at the TODAY Show have named her replacement.  Frequent fill in correspondent Savannah Guthrie is the new co-host of "TODAY."  Apparently, Matt Lauer felt no chemistry with AC, but SG is better.  STR8 Up, the ratings for the Today Show have gone down, and so somebody had to take the blame.  Really sad that Curry took the brunt of it all.  However, she got paid 10 million bucks, so all the tears really add up to a bruised ego!  It was rumored an offer was given to Meredith Vieira to return to the show, but she turned them down.  Of course she would, she retired for a reason!  On another note, there was all this drama surrounding who was to be Matt's co-star, not only from the network, but from ML's wife!  ML's wife Annette Roque had major ultimatums to hand out... Supposedly, if Natalie Morales (another frequent fill in host) got the gig, she was walking out on their marriage!  It has been rumored that ML and NM had a fling that may have ended when she became pregnant with his child!  When his wifey found out about she flipped as any woman would, and so AR filed for divorce while pregnant with their third child in 2006.  Things have cleared up since, but old wounds don't always heal.  So, perhaps SG was just the only viable option to combat Lauer's roving eye???  In our opinion MSNBC's anchor Tamron Hall would've been a better, and more entertaining choice... She regularly fills in on TODAY, and right now there's a petition going around that says either hire TH, or folks will boycott the Today show...  Guess, we'll have to see what happens... Guess Ms. Guthrie is gonna have to brush up on her personality, because Al Roker can't do it alone!  Gos and Sip on dat!

Broken Holmes (Posted 06/30/12)

They said it wouldn't last, and guess what ya'll... it didn't.  Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise after six years of marriage, and a daughter Suri.  While TC was on location in Iceland shooting the film Oblivion, KH was filing the papers with her lawyer.  She's seeking full custody, but much like his past marriage to Nicole Kidman, Cruise may put up a fight.  He did after all retain full custody of the former couple's two adopted children, and shortly following the kids no longer referred to NK as mom, but by her first name Nicole.  STR8 Up, this is a bold move coming from Katie, who has been submerged in scientology since meeting the action hero.  Word is she is tired of living in Tom's shadow, and wants to reignite her career as an actress.  There also is murmuring that the two have completely different parenting styles, with KH seeking more structure for their daughter, which could include less scientology, and more mainstreamed schooling, and socialization.  That's not how Tom rolls.  Apparently, treated their six year old like a little adult.  She was wearing heels for a while, ya know... We'll see how it goes.  They both have high-powered representation.  Katie's father is an attorney, and it is rumored he never really approved of the age difference between TC and KH.  The writing was on the wall though, while Tom spent Father's Day with their daughter in Iceland, Katie was a no-show, staying back in NYC.  Things have been strange, as they are rarely seen together, and most recently pictures from the set of Cruise's new flick, show him horsing around in a more than flirtatious manner with his young, beautiful, from the looks of it, herpes-less co-star.  Could that have spoiled the love???  Perhaps, Katie was jealous.  Wonder what NK is thinking about it all...  She could give KH tips on how to survive breaking up with Tom Cruise, and get your career back... Gos and Sip on dat!

Oh No TO (Posted 06/26/12)

How far from fame must one fall to release a sex tape?  That's a good question to ask former NFL player, Terrell Owens.  The king of baby daddies is now the star in an X-Rated solo cyber sex related photo situation.  TO has been playing with himself, and two chicks who had Skype sessions with the unlucky footballer are shopping around the extremely graphic pics for dough. STR8 Up, we wouldn't be surprised if Owens had something to do with this...  He's been on Dr. Phil for crying out loud!  Nothing is off limits in his quest to remain relevant, gain sympathy, and make money.  After publicly battling his many baby mamas over back child support payments, having his home foreclosed, and being dropped from NFL team the Wranglers last month, TO's probably thinking the skin thing is the only way to make a real living, and get out of financial peril...  It worked for Octomom.  It even worked for Chris Brown.  But, do we really care about TO??  Have we ever really liked the guy???  The real question is how long before the mysterious sellers of his sex pics begin shopping around an actual TO porno???  Whatever gets the biggest offer for Owens, ahem, we mean the mystery chicks... them baby mamas gotta eat, and he's got countless new cars to buy!  From playing football to showing his...  Gos and Sip on dat!

Loza Fun (Posted 06/22/12)

Some things should remain private, especially when it comes to bedroom, but it's obvious Evelyn Lozada didn’t get the memo because she spilled the sex beads on Kandi Koated Nights last night with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burress.  EL along with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member ‘Mama Dee’ (mother of rapper Lil Scrappy aka the new Mama Jones) let it ALL hang out.  STR8 Up, EL is a freak that would make Rick James blush.  Girlfriend admitted to adventures in threesomes, talked cheating, favorite positions, even tossing salads (though she was quick to point out that she had NOT done that with her current fiancé Chad Ochocinco), and we’re not talking about a Caesar’s.  No sex topic was off limits, and it certainly was not SFW!  Meanwhile, MD admitted on air to pimping strippers to support her kids, and shooting a 'John' for stealing her money.  Wowzers!  Is nothing sacred in the world of Reality TV???  Must every little secret be shared, despite how raunchy or incriminating???  Apparently, that must be the ratings game...  Talk about elevating yourself after the bullying debacle on Basketball Wives Ev.  Looks like someone needs another session with Star Jones, on etiquette... Gos and Sip on dat!

Worn-out Levi (Posted 06/20/12)

Sarah Palin’s nemesis ex-possible son-in-law Levi Johnston is the perpetual media douche bag. He posed in Playgirl. Dated comedienne Kathy Griffin (for publicity), has a new girlfriend pregnant, and admits to not spending time with Tripp, his son with SP’s eldest spawn, Bristol Palin. BP gained some positive publicity as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, but it seems her manipulative ways are taking center stage! STR8 Up, BP has a reality show airing on Lifetime called “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp.” It’s crazy that anyone would want to see this chick on a weekly basis as an anti-Teen pregnancy advocate given she was pregnant as a teen, and made her bread and butter off of it. She’s no different than the girls on Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant... Anyhoo, the drama behind the scenes is exceedingly juicy, as former Disney star Kyle Massey (From “That’s So Raven”), also BP’s fellow DWTS contestant, and his brother claim they created a reality show for Bristol, but were left out to dry when the deal was signed, and the checks were cashed. They’re suing the production company for damages upwards of 500k. AND, to make her rep worse, it’s now come out that she refused to let her baby daddy LJ see their son because he wasn’t feeling appearing on her show. Unlike the Massey brothers, Bristol offered him $10,000 despite him owing $20,000 in back child support. Levi’s fiancé claims he said, no bueno - having decided to live his life outside of the spotlight from now on in Alaska! Those Palin’s sure have a lot of drama with them! Being that LJ is a publicity whore, perhaps he’s just leaching on to her unfortunate relations with the Masseys, or is she just that self-centered and deceptive to everyone??? She could have at least broke the Brothas off with the 10 grand Levi didn't want... Gos and Sip on dat!

Bobby Pins Ray J (Posted 06/20/12)

Folks are rumbling that Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Whitney Houston, had it out with playboy Ray J the night of the Billboard Awards, which is said to be the real reason he fainted. STR8 Up, everyone believes WH was hanging with the bad boy RJ, as her surrogate Bobby Brown. RJ lived on the edge, and seemed as street as they come, even allegedly dabbling in recreational drugs, much like BB in his hay day. BK, confronted RJ, drilling the singer, even telling him it was his fault that Whitney was gone! Also, a fact now reaching the media, is that the night before the icon died, she got into a heated altercation with an un-named actress, who claimed to also be fooling around with singer Brandy’s little brother. WH was said to be drunk, bleeding, and sweating profusely. BK is going through a ton of heartache, trying to make sense of the loss of her mother. It seems she has no one to turn to, including her father BB, who along with his other children, spoke on their fears for BK’s safety on a popular gossip show. The real question is, why this confrontation didn’t happened long before Whitney’s death, by her supposed best friend, and confident, sister-in-law Pat Houston. How convenient that PH gets no heat, when she was in the room the day WH died, the same room drugs were found in! She was privy to more details than anyone could imagine about the doomed WH. Is Houston’s blood really on Ray J’s hands, or is he the easy fall guy, much like his predecessor Bobby??? Gos and Sip on dat!

J’s Pays To Play! (Posted 06/18/12)

After more than a year of separation, Marc Anthony is finally moving forward with his divorce from actress Jennifer Lopez.  MA thought her fling with dancer Casper Smart was only temporary, but the “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” singer is crazy for her boy toy.  But, friends of CS are calling him out in the latest rag mags.  Apparently, Casper is smart and cunning, and has a man of his own on the side!  STR8 Up, JL needs to start charging, because this free love thing has cheapened her act!  After failed marriage, after failed marriage, she settles again, on a broke dancer, that she supports financially to help inflate her self-esteem challenged ego.  From the looks of things, Jenny from the block needs to remember she currently resides in the hills, and STOP giving her goodies away to blockheads, while embarrassing herself in the process.  You don’t need to date a kid to be relevant, but JL, who is a mom of toddler twins, seems to think otherwise.  Perhaps this is why she isn’t hollywood fresh anymore... Aside from her music, and some commercials, she’s no longer the leading lady in film... And is no longer the most sought after Latina in the business... Has she played her American Idol juice card all wrong, and caused damage to her image in the process???  Is Casper really using her as a sugar mama for dance gigs, and a reported 50,000 a month allowance???  Will JLo ever find an upstanding man, or she doomed to be our generation’s next Elizabeth Taylor????  Gos and Sip on dat! 

Back Tax’s R A Up Hill Battle (Posted 06/14/12)

This week, the world of Hip Hop and R&B got some not so good news about two big music money makers, and the IRS..  It seems both R. Kelly and Lauryn Hill owe millions in back taxes.  STR8 Up, that's ridiculous!  As much as these two have been out of the limelight, they still make TONS in royalties, and the concert bookings.  LH claims she was in self-inflicted exile to protect her family from the media machine, but that AINT gonna fly.  Michael Jackson, spent years in Dubai, stayed out of the fold, and STILL managed to pay his taxes!!   You know if MJ didn't he would have been in the pen for tax evasion especially since they could never get the molestation accusations to stick.  Don't these fools realize that the IRS is no joke... especially when you're rich ... and black...  They WILL lock you UP!  Look what happened to Ronald Isley, and Wesley Snipes!!!  Could RK and LH be headed to the slammer???  Honestly, Kelly could go to jail... you KNOW he deserves to serve some time for his less than upstanding behavior behind closed doors... He WAS married to singer Aaliyah when she was only 15 years old - proof of his unsavory intentions when it came to young girls.  But, Ms. Hill, is a Fugee with like 100 kids.  Somebody better get on a payment plan, for real BEFORE it's solitary confinement for these two 90s icons.  Gos and Sip on dat! Two outta 3 ain't bad!  

Three Down and One To Go (Posted 06/14/12)

The folks over at Basketball Wives have made cuts!  It's a wrap for Royce Reed, Kesha Nichols, and lawsuit wielding Jennifer Williams.  STR8 Up, they kept the crazy broad rookie Kenya Bell over OG cast member Jennifer?!??!  Well, apparently it's all because she proceeded with her suit against ex friend Nia Crooks for slapping her on the show.  That made JW a liability, and Evelyn Lozada really mad.  Now when it comes to KN, she was just boring, and snotty, and RR was just a plain fool, and no friend of Shauni O'Neal.   With KB still in the cast, there's sure to be drama unfolding somehow.  Will you watch the new and improved BBW???   Even without bottle throwing, and sucka punches, or has the original series in the franchise lost its sizzle???  SO did say she may not be coming back as a cast mate either.  They still have the highly anticipated return of Basketball Wives LA...  Which cast is crazier???  What's JW gonna do now with no money coming in from the show, or her three color lipstick line???  SO many Questions!!!!!!  Gos and Sip on dat!

No Joke Eddieeeeeeeeee (Posted 06/14/12)

Could it be real love between 28 year old former BET ‘106 & Park’ Host Rocsi Diaz, and 51 year old comedy icon Eddie Murphy? Seems like EM found his new Scary Spice, and has taken the plunge into a relationship with the VJ. STR8 Up, what an odd pairing. Hopefully, RD doesn’t end up knocked up like the former Spice Girl Mel B did during their liaison. You know he’s quick to ask for a DNA test, and send a check rather than spend time with his illegitimate spawn. At least that’s what we read in OK Magazine when MB was on the cover. Wonder what Eddie’s BFF Johnny Gill thinks of the love affair??? We haven’t seen him around lately. My, my, my, the way EM and RD look in candid pictures, spells doom. Not a smile on their faces, awkward hand-holding. Ya know, Rocsi just got fired, ahem, replaced on BET's fledgling music show... This could be her best role yet. Gos and Sip on dat!

Bad Weather (Posted 06/14/12)

According to Floyd Mayweather’s attorney, FM’s prison sentence is “cruel and inhuman” punishment. He begged a judge to allow him to serve out his 86 day sentence in hithe comforts of his home. Apparently jail living, that includes solitary confinement, for the safety of the boxer, is causing irreparable damage to Floyd’s physique. STR8 Up, FM assaulted his baby mama in front of their children hence the sentence. He’s a world class boxer... that had to hurt. He’s no Amber Portwood, his Floyd Mayweather and his bff is 50 Cent. He’s a champion... A real tough guy, right??? Gos and Sip on dat!

Bottles Up (Posted 06/12/12)

What happens when two of Rihanna’s ex’s walk into a bar??? They start a brawl, of course! Such drama between two rich dudes and their entourages. STR8 Up, Chris Brown and Drake’s crews got at it in the early morning at WIP nightclub in NYC today. There was bottle throwing, cursing, and eventually a fist fight between the two platinum selling artists. CB tweeted a photo of a gash on his chin, along with the message, “How u party wit rich ni**as that hate? Lol. Throwing bottles like girls?#shameonya!” It’s funny, how he thinks violence is funny. Of course he would, because he's back in the limelight despite beating a woman two years ago, and throwing a chair through a window on GMA only last year. Acting like raging buffoons is not a way to prove your manhood, but it seems to be working for CB. It really should NOT garner you any street cred, especially when you live in the hills with celebrities like you, who can afford lawyers, and PR reps. Anyhoo, by the time, the cops came, the two stars had hit the road... So far Young Money’s Drake has been silent on the whole scuffle. Maybe he is really hurt, or he’s moved Right Above It like the song... Wonder what Rihanna’s thinking - let’s hope she’s not impressed by CB’s bum moves... Word is they’re getting closer, and texting on the regular... One thing’s for certain, if it was about Rihanna, Drake should realize you can’t save a woman who won’t save herself... Gos and Sip on dat!

Three’s Company (Posted 06/12/12)

Basketball Wives Executive Producer and Co-Star Shaunie O'Neal sat down with Insider TV and dished that if she has her way the franchise will be letting go of three BBWs for season 5.  STR8 Up, we wanna know who???  Our bet is on the three most annoying castmates to date - Beyonce wannabe Kenya Bell, crybaby southern belle Kesha Nichols, and serial dating fool Royce Reed.  However, wouldn't it make more sense to drop the bullies, since SO is so about changing the energy of the franchise into a more wholesome image of women of color?  In that case should she let go of bottle throwing Evelyn Lozada, ticking time bomb Tami Roman, and drama hoochie Suzie Ketcham???  That may make for some boring TV, but if Shaunie is all about change.. well... she'll do what's right, right????  Gos and Sip on dat!

Jada (Posted 06/12/12)

In Hollywood there’s nothing like a little touch up!  But, one starlett’s idea of touching up, has her looking a bit jokerish.  Everyone is all a flutter accusing Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett of going under the knife to get cheek implants.  Whether by fat injection, or plastic stuffing, why don’t they leave the superstar power couple alone?  STR8 Up, ever since WS did the film Six Degrees of Separation, his manhood has been questioned, which opened the door to side-eyes from every direction.  It didn’t help that JP is a bit tough around the edges.  And then when talk came out about them joining Scientology with Tom Cruise, that was all she wrote!  Will and Jada can’t get a break from scrutiny.  Personally, I think this whole did she, didn’t she get cosmetic surgery stuff is redick!  Who doesn’t get a little nip and tuck nowadays???   The REAL issue is why Men In Black 3 isn’t getting more fanfare???  Gos and Sip on dat!

Gets His Own Rebound (Posted 06/12/12)

Nothing says love like divorce, huh?  Well, Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa seem to have found romance in filing divorce.  Since VB filed last December, the two ex-lovebirds have found common ground, as KB has been wooing his wife with public displays of affection at basketball games, amusement parks, the works!  It seems it’s paid off, and not only brought the spark back into their marriage, but now Vanessa is said to NOT be signing the documents that make their divorce final.  STR8 Up - Vanessa’s no fool, Kobe already signed over 3 mansions to her, and is surely paying her alimony, and child support since the original filing.  She’s getting major bank, getting her man-cake, and eating it too!  She can still sign the dotted line if the ring don’t shine bright enough in the future, or if Kobe starts cheating again...  Check and mate!  Gos and Sip on dat!

Humphries Dumpy (Posted 06/11/12)

NJ Nets basketball player Kris Humphries can’t get a break when it comes to matters of the heart.  With his pending divorce from Kim Kardashian looming in the background, it’s hard to paint his wife KK as a diabolical ex-lover, when his current ex-flame Myla Sinanaj is trying to extort him, demanding a large sum of money in exchange for her silence!  KH has called foul on MS calling the FBI in to settle the score.  STR8 Up - Kris has the worse luck with women that look like Kim Kardashian.  The young Myla has been photo’d with him as recent as last weekend at the beach, and from the backshot she’s a dead ringer for KK, but that’s about as far as the similarities go.  Furthermore, what could it be that MS has on KH???  Is he as terrible as the Kardashian clan has framed him on their series Kourtney and Kim Take New York???  Did he share intimate details about KK with MS???  Is this all a publicity stunt to keep KH in the limelight since he’s been donned the loser of all losers not only by KK, but Kanye West, her current beau???  Seems so.  But, really who asks their girlfriend to sign a Confidentiality Agreement unless there’s something to hide????  And in another turn of events, KK and KH’s divorce depositions will no longer be filmed.  What happened Kris???  Thought you wanted the world to know the truth... Um Hmmm...  Gos and Sip on dat!

Un-Like a Virgin (Posted 06/11/12)

What does a tired pop star do for attention when their newest album kinda flatlines???  Expose their 53 year old boob to an audience of over 55,000 concert goers in Istanbul!  That'll get them to download on ITunes... NOT!  STR8 Up - Madonna has always been the Queen of Shock until Lady Gaga hit the scene, but this seemed to be a rather awkward cry for relevance.  Apparently she choreographed a strip-tease that led into her hit song, Like a Virgin.  Really, M is that what a Virgin would do???  It really HAS been a long time since she lost her V-Card, huh.  Gos and Sip on dat!

Barking At
Clive (Posted 06/06/12)

What’s worse than being kicked out by your rich boyfriend, and winding up homeless? Getting HIV from said boyfriend after helping him get off drugs! STR8 Up - legendary horror hitmaker Clive Barker, did this and apparently worse to his ex boyfriend Emilian David Armstrong. After giving him the monster in 1996, CB’s sexual history reads like a horror flick as trashy as his “Hellraiser” and “Candyman” franchises. He not only kicked EDA to the curb, but his own daughter from a previous relationship got the boot too! Now Armstrong is seeking damages in a lawsuit after 16 years of trying to make “their relationship work.” Who does that?? Apparently a jilted lover with too much baggage to drop! There’s no breaking up with HIV and AIDS! Which is why you always USE a CONDOM!!! Especially when your lover admits to sleeping with his AIDS infected cousin, engaged in sadomasochism that included SYRINGES, and stayed hopped up on prescription meds, and teenaged boys at drug parties! Armstrong is not only steaming mad about the HIV, but he claims he and Barker had business ventures together, and he deserves a cut of the profits. Not to mention, Barker promised to take care of him for life. The real question remains, why’d he kick his daughter out with his tainted lover??? Maybe there’s more dirt than meets the lawsuit... What does homegirl know about the both of them?? And why isn’t she suing??? Gos and Sip on dat


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